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Disc 1
1. Mary Queen Of Arkansas (Album Version)
2. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Album Version)
3. Growin' Up (Album Version)
4. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? (Album Version)
5. Bishop Danced (Live)
6. Santa Ana (Album Version)
7. Seaside Bar Song (Album Version)
8. Zero And Blind Terry (Album Version)
9. Linda Let Me Be The One (Album Version)
10. Thundercrack (Album Version)
11. Rendezvous (Live)
12. Give The Girl A Kiss (Album Version)
13. Iceman (Album Version)
14. Bring On The Night (Album Version)
15. So Young And In Love (Album Version)
16. Hearts Of Stone (Album Version)
17. Don't Look Back (Album Version)
Disc 2
1. Restless Nights (Album Version)
2. A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Pittsburgh) (Album Version)
3. Roulette (Album Version)
4. Dollhouse (Album Version)
5. Where The Bands Are (Album Version)
6. Loose Ends (Album Version)
7. Living On The Edge Of The World (Album Version)
8. Wages Of Sin (Album Version)
9. Take 'Em As They Come (Album Version)
10. Be True (Album Version)
11. Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own (Album Version)
12. I Wanna Be With You (Album Version)
13. Mary Lou (Album Version)
14. Stolen Car (Album Version)
15. Born In The U.S.A. (Album Version)
16. Johnny Bye-Bye (Album Version)
17. Shut Out The Light (Album Version)
Disc 3
1. Cynthia (Album Version)
2. My Love Will Not Let You Down (Album Version)
3. This Hard Land (Album Version)
4. Frankie (Album Version)
5. TV Movie (Album Version)
6. Stand On It (Album Version)
7. Lion's Den (Album Version)
8. Car Wash (Album Version)
9. Rockaway The Days (Album Version)
10. Brothers Under The Bridges ('83) (Album
11. Man At The Top (Album Version)
12. Pink Cadillac (Album Version)
13. Two For The Road (Album Version)
14. Janey Don't You Lose Heart (Album Version)
15. When You Need Me (Album Version)
16. The Wish (Album Version)
17. The Honeymooners (Album Version)
18. Lucky Man (Album Version)
Disc 4
1. Leavin' Train (Album Version)
2. Seven Angels (Album Version)
3. Gave It A Name (Album Version)
4. Sad Eyes (Album Version)
5. My Lover Man (Album Version)
6. Over The Rise (Album Version)
7. When The Lights Go Out (Album Version)
8. Loose Change (Album Version)
9. Trouble In Paradise (Album Version)
10. Happy (Album Version)
11. Part Man, Part Monkey (Album Version)
12. Goin' Cali (Album Version)
13. Back In Your Arms (Album Version)
14. Brothers Under The Bridge (Album Version)

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